Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bundi Tour - Discover the Undiscovered of Rajasthan

Bundi, the color city of Rajasthan, is located in the Hadoti region  and land of 101,000 inhabitants. The city also known as baoris because of its stunning ornate forts, stepwell reservoirs and palaces. The Bundi city is nestled at the distance of 35km away from Kota and 210 from pink city - Jaipur. The town is surrounded by three beautiful hills of the Aravalli Range, a main entrance of the city. The Indragarh town, Kameleswar and Kali Temple are the major tourist points. In the entire city, the Indragarh step known as the best tourist attraction, particularly in the rainy season. In single Bundi tour package, a holiday maker can travel below attraction: 

Sightseeing of Bundi: 

The Taragarh Fort – Also known as Star Fort, It represents the most remarkable structure of the city. By seeing this fort anyone can realize the ratio of development in the city. In AD 1354, this historical port was constructed. By standing at the top of the fort, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city. Furthermore, the three tanks of the fort never dry up and thus it will be great to come and see the constructions of these three tanks. 

The Bundi Palace - Located nearby the Taragarh Fort, it is largely famous for rich traditional frescoes and murals. The picture gallery named Chitrashala of this palace always opens for public view. 

Baoris or Stepwells – It was built by Rani Nathavatji in 1699. It is around 46 m deep and the main purpose of building Stepwells was that water can easily access even low level. 

The Nawal Sagar – This artificial lake has built in square shaped and set in the center place of the city and containing lots of tiny islets. By visiting this memorable town, you will see the temple of Lord Varuna, the Vedic God of water, in the middle point of the lake.

Dabhai Kund – Popular as the Jail Kund, it is the largest and most historical kunds in Bundi district. This spot is really worth a watch and eligible for snapshots due to its fantastic carvings on the many steps leading along to the water level.

Places to Stay:

Bundi offers many luxury hotels for the comfortable and affordable accommodation of the guests. Few of them are given below:

Bundi Haveli Hotel - It is one of the budget accommodations of the city, offering modernized rooms. This hotel is owned by an Australian co-owner.

Hadee Rani, Sadar Bazar – Constructed in 2006, it is the best option to stay in the center point of the city. The hotel is known as family friendly accommodation.

Ishwari Niwas Palace – This beautiful palace offers homely environment, traditional Rajasthani foods and amazing view of the city.


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