Thursday, 30 August 2012

Must See Tourist Destinations During Jodhpur Tour

Jodhpur is among the best heavenly destinations in Rajasthan. It is encircled by enormous fortress wall with castles, the salient blue buildings and the serene Thar Desert. This majestic place is a second largest city of the state and it is situated across 335kms west from Jaipur – the capital city and 200kms from the Ajmer city. Jodhpur is known as popular holiday destination points worldwide for its many historical palaces, astonishing forts and ancient temples.

Due to bright sunny weather, tourists called Jodhpur as “Sun city”. However, it is also popular as the “Blue City” among the holidaymakers because of noticing blue-panted buildings everywhere in the Mehrangarh Fort. Here one can easily travel to any part of Rajasthan due to its ideal location. Recently, the famous Hollywood film “The Dark Knight Rises” has been shoot here that enters this city one of the best prime holiday spots for outside tourists. In single Jodhpur tour package you can explore all these major and historical attractions of Jodhpur.

Let’s come to discuss some eye-catching destinations of Jodhpur to visit in this winter season.

Osian (Osiyan):- This prehistoric town or a sanctuary is beautifully situated in the midst of the Thar Desert and around sixty-five kilometers north region of Jodhpur’s headquarters. Anyone can easily reach by driving from the Jodhpur - Bikaner Highway road. Osian is also called as Rajasthan’s Khajuraho. People also know Osiyan due to the collections of destroyed Jain temples and Brahmanical, since 8th to 11th centuries. During the period of Marwar kingdom, the city was largely renowned as the religious place. Lord Mahavir temple, Sachiya Mata temple, Kali temple and the Sun Temple are its prime attractions.

Resort Camp Oasis Osian: This small city has many accommodations have having a comfortable stay but Camp Oasis Osian resort is the most popular of them. It offers fantastic tent across right line center of the desert. Set in between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, it is perhaps the best place for a night stay. We suggest you to go there with friends or family or else you will feel lonely.

Machiya Safari Park: By spending nine kilometers distance driving on the root between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, you will reach at the Machiya Safari Park. A wonderful place for weekend picnic and natural sightseeing, the park is a land of enormous wildlife species such as desert fox, deer, blue bulls, rabbits, mongoose, wild cats, and monkeys. Never forget to bring your digital camera to snap the stunning fauna and other flying birds of the park. Spend night at fort to watch astonishing scene of sunset.

Jhalamand Garh Hotel: This hotel is a suitable place to stay after spending whole day visit in Machiya Safari Park. This elegant property has been known as the finest heritage hotel of Jaipur, which was founded in the 18th century. The hotel provides 20 guest rooms with luxurious amenities. All rooms are attached with separate bathroom. During the vacation season, the hotel hosts events like Folk music & dance and Kalbelia dance in the evening.

Guda Bishnoi Village: This tribal village is the best place to experience the features of tribal life. It is located around twenty-five kilometer from Jodhpur. Deer and Khejri trees make this place a scenic beauty of Rajasthan. The artificial lake “Guda Bishnoi” is considered as the best for picnic point. It attracts several migratory birds such as cranes, blackbucks and chinkaras.
Mehrangarh Fort: Known as one of the largest and ancient forts in India, it is situated in the blue-city i.e. Jodhpur. It is located around 122m above the town and surrounded by the daunting thick walls. Once you in the boundaries, you will be surprised by seeing lots of palaces famed for luxurious courtyards and convoluted carving. The fort has total seven gates which consist of Jayapol, made by Maharaja Man Singh in the memory of vectoring over Bikaner and Jaipur armies. Fattehpol gate remind the victory of King Ajit over Mughals. Another attraction of the fort is museum where one can see many old collection of royal palanquins like gilt Mahadol palanquin domed, costumes paintings and more.
Visit to this majestic destination in Rajasthan during your upcoming this winter vacations.


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